Kass Family

We cannot even begin to convey in words how amazing Mario is…. but we will try here. We were referred to him by some friends who he had helped secure a loan and purchase a house, and they had even told us about how little they had to put down and we were absolutely floored. We were weighing out how much it was going to cost us to move out of our rental and how much we’d have to put down for a new one, on top of all the other normal moving expenses, and we realized we should at least call him to see how possible it was for us to qualify for a loan. After a 15 minute phone call and just answering some basic questions, we realized that we were qualified for a much larger loan than we had ever realized. I’m not talking about anything astronomical, just more than we had ever thought possible. Once we actually found a house, Mario held our hands every step of the way, which was great, because we had absolutely NO CLUE what we were doing. He even sat us down and explained to us every step, most of which went right over our heads, and then even gave it back to us in simple, easy to understand language. The process during closing can be trying, as you have to dig up a lot of documents and submit them, but Mario did a great job in coaching us and made it super easy to submit everything. He was SUPER accommodating to the point where he’d always tell us if it was easier for us to scan and email documents or even fax them, we were always more than welcome to do that– and believe me, it saved a lot of time and gas money. All in all, we went from thinking we would be renting forever to moving into our forever home in ONE MONTH. I could not believe how fast this happened and compared to other horror stories from friends and acquaintances, we realized how amazing, efficient, and caring Mario and his team are. We already recommend them to everyone we meet who is considering buying a home, and we definitely will recommend him to anyone reading this. No bull, just friendly, quality, and fast service. A++++ and a standing ovation. Thank you so much, Mario.