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Based out of San Antonio, Texas with almost 20 years of combined experience, Triton Group at Legacy Mutual Mortgage sets a new standard in mortgage lending. Triton Group Specializes in doing FHA, VA, Conventional, and USDA Home Loans for those looking to purchase a Primary Residence. Additionally, we offer Conventional Secondary and Investment Home Loans along with Two-time Construction Loans (Interim and Permanent financing) with no money down to those who qualify. Or, if perhaps you’re just looking for a lower interest rate on your current mortgage and even maybe some Equity or Cash Out of your home we can help you with a Home Equity Refinance loan. Either way, Triton Group has you covered.

Purchasing or refinancing a home can seem intimidating and be discouraging if you’re talking to the wrong person; so much that they decide to not purchase at all which forces them to continue renting. Triton Group at Legacy Mutual Mortgage is committed to making the Home Purchase, Refinance, and Construction process simple and stress-free for you. Even if you don’t qualify at the time you apply our team will give you a FREE credit assessment and give you the advice to put you on track to purchase a home.

Triton Group at Legacy Mutual Mortgage offers In-House Underwriting, Processing, and closing which means that we do all the work for you in-house and don’t require the need to out-source anything. We offer Great Rates, low fees, and no surprises during the process. We have the ability to get answers to questions without having to wait days for someone in another department off location to get back to you which saves a ton of time.

Triton Group also specializes in getting you the best deal out there. We have the ability to go to several Servicing companies who will compete to offer you the best rates available and expanded underwriting guidelines for any special our of the box needs. Not to be confused with a Brokerage, Triton Group at Legacy Mutual Mortgage is set up as a Mortgage Banker which is why we’re able to offer in-house underwriting, processing, and closing making us lighting quick when closing your home purchase. Our in-house underwriting really takes the mystery out the qualification process. If there’s a question or concern we have underwriters in our office that can tell us what’s necessary to ensure we get your loan approved.

Over the years the team at Triton Group has been honored to work with a combination of over 500 First Time Home Buyers, Families, Veterans, Investors, and Custom Build Projects. We intend on keeping those relationships while adding much more. We’ve noticed that our clients number 1 complaint is the lack of responsiveness and clarity from their bank on what the mortgage process entails. We value and appreciate your feedback which is why we make every effort to ensure that you never feel like you’re in the dark about the process. Our Bilingual team is committed to helping you 7 days a week and getting back to you right away, on the same day you call or write us.


NMLS# 220759

San Antonio, TX. In the year 2000, Mario Alejandro Galdos began his career in the banking industry while going to the University of Texas at San Antonio. He had his first son, Darien Alexander Galdos at an early age and was committed to not letting him down. Fascinated with finance, in January 2005 Mario geared his focus towards Mortgage Lending at a retail Mortgage Company who specialized in home refinances. He learned the business quickly and weathered the storm and market crash of 2008. Adapting to change is something Mario is used to. The market halt focused his attention towards home purchases and the loan options available then and now such as FHA, VA, USDA, and Conventional (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) Primary, Secondary, Investment, and One and Two Time Close Construction Loans. In 2012 Mario married his wife Stephanie Christine, and they settled into their home in Garden Ridge, TX. Summer of 2014 they had a baby boy and name him Triton Alexander Galdos. Thus spawned Triton Group at Legacy Mutual Mortgage. Again, much like when he started in banking, Mario is determined to live up to the name of the company and ensure that each and every relationship formed makes a difference in the lives of others!

“Over the last few years, I’ve committed to building a TEAM that would reach the masses. Everyone deserves great Reliability, Rates, and Service. Call me today!”

Trinh Le

Home Loan Partner/ PA3

Originally from Tomball, TX, Trinh moved to San Antonio after high school to attend The University of Texas at San Antonio. She graduated Class of 2011 with a Bachelor of Science. After college, she began working in the financial services industry, and eventually took advantage of an opportunity to move to Legacy Mutual Mortgage. Her favorite parts of the job are problem-solving and creating relationships that help turn families into homeowners. Trinh is driven and self-motivated with remarkable creativity. You will find her to be well-spoken, energetic, confident and personable; the type of person you can depend on to get the job done. She is hands-on, reliable and hard working.

In her free time, Trinh enjoys traveling and is a food and fashion enthusiast.



Rosa is extremely well known for her excellent customer service and knowledge of the Greater San Antonio area Real Estate Market. For the last 15 years she’s earned the title of a Top Producing Real Estate Agent, and is extremely well known for her hands on approach to customer service. Rosa is committed to finding the right answer to any question a first time or recurring home buyer may have throughout the home purchase process making her an extremely valuable asset to our team. If you’re nervous about the home purchase process, her calm and sweet way of being will put you at ease ensuring a smooth and simple home buying experience.


Business Development

Brianna is a proud native of San Antonio Texas and has excelled in various professional fields to include nursing and law. Brianna is compassionate, energetic, goal driven, and devoted to ensuring those around her are smiling and taken care of. In 2006 Brianna married her soul mate Ben Ross and they have been blessed with three beautiful children; Avery, Aiden, and Ashlyn. As the wife of a military member who has deployed several times, she has overcome many challenges, which heightened her multi-tasking skills while taking care of her house and children during her husband’s absence. Brianna joined the Triton Group in 2016 in the capacity of Dialer/Loan Partner. If a light is out in a room Brianna is the person who will enter the room and brighten it up for all to see.